Nikon Z6 Release Date: November 30

The Nikon Z6 release date is November 30, and while it seems like a long wait, it’s not as bad as the waiting time on some other major cameras in the past. And more importantly, mirrorless now goes completely pro:

The Nikon Z6 price starts at $1999 without any kit or bundle, but I notice that Nikon have something called a “promotional pre-order bundle”. I’ve never seen something like that in cameras before.

The first Nikon Z6 kits however are with a Nikon Z 35mm prime lens, a Nikon Z 50mm prime lens, and a Nikon Z 24-70mm zoom lens. So the Nikon Z6 lens selection is the same as that of the rival Canon EOS R, only that Canon’s pro mirrorless will be launched first.

8K timelapse is a wonderful feature on the Nikon Z6 too, which makes the Z6 future proof in that way. And so is the new top display, where Nikon finally moves away from the old LCD displays.
Nikon Z6 release November in USA

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