Kodak Step Touch – The New Best Instant Camera

The Polaroid Snap Touch has been a versatile and fun instant camera that combines the nostalgic charm of instant prints with modern digital technology from the legendary Polraoid brand, with its compact size and easy-to-use interface.

Featuring a 13 megapixel sensor and built-in printer, the Snap Touch allows you to take high-quality photos and print them instantly on 2×3 inch sticky-backed paper. You can also store your photos on a microSD card or transfer them to your smartphone via Bluetooth, making it easy to share them with friends and family.

The camera also includes a variety of creative tools such as filters, borders, and stickers, which can be applied before or after taking a photo, before priting it out. And this held up well in tests and reviews.

Polaroid Kodak Best Instant Camera

But now the Polaroid Snap Touch has been overtaken by the new class leading instant camera Kodak Step Touch which is both a lot cheaper to buy and cheaper to use too, as the price per picture is reduced quite a lot.

I guess that’s probably why it’s touted as the best instant camera of 2023.

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