The Best Google AdSense Alternative In 2023 For Higher Earnings

What’s the best alternative to Google Adsense these days?

Google AdSense is Google’s advertising program for publishers (content creators, bloggers, website owners), and it was the first really large ad program that was available to just about everyone around the world.

Google AdSense has always been great to start out with for a small but growing website, since the requirements for joining the AdSense program has always been small and simple.

So it has given publishers of growing websites a way to monetize their steadily growing traffic while publishers have built up the size and traffic of their websites.

The pros and cons is that Google AdSense is very profitable for Google and simultaneously also easy to join because it doesn’t have any account manager assigned to you, and that’s one of the reasons why you may come to feel at some point that you could or should be earning more than you do if you see that your earnings have started to flatten out or not grow the way you expected.

Now we all know about affiliate earnings as an alternative to Google AdSense, but implementing affiliate links and content is very time consuming and have other needs to make it worthwhile.

So if you over time have been able to build up a website with a good amount of daily and monthly pageviews (congratulations by the way), what are your pure ad serving alternatives to Google’s AdSense program?

It then depends on just HOW much traffic you are generating. A typical website will need a minimum of at least 10,000 monthly pageviews to even be considered profitable relative to the cost of a domain, hosting, and other expenses.

As of 2023, that is now the new threshold for when you might want to try out alternative adservers, and when you might also be eligible for other ad companies.

But even then the earnings will still be very small. If you know you are on track to 1000 daily pageviews and 30,000 to 50,000 monthly visitors however, and you feel like Google’s AdSense earnings are not keeping up with the worth of your website, then I highly recommend the AdSense alternative Ezoic.

By 2023, Ezoic has become the best AdSense alternative for serving ads automatically, and the second largest internet ad company that works internationally.

There’s a number of reasons for that.

Ezoic runs deeply through each individual website to determine what works the best for their website and what has the most potential for you as a publisher. It will experiment in very different ways than AdSense does, and it still has access to the AdSense ad inventory and it is a Google Certified Publishing Partner.

You will also get access to website tools that you don’t get anywhere else so that you can both drive up the RPM (earnings per thousand hits) as well as drive up your traffic and improve your SEO, traffic, and website rating.

Implementing Ezoic ads is also easy to do, so when you are already familiar with embedding, adjusting, and controlling AdSense ads, you understand what you can do with Ezoic ads too.

The bottom line with Ezoic ads is that the earning per thousands is very likely to increase compared to Google’s AdSense EPM.

Doubling the earnings on a website with 50,000 monthly pageviews is not uncommon, and if the website category is hot, the increase in revenue can increase even more than that because Ezoic will have a personalized interest in your website, and you should feel like you have someone that works together with you.

Ezoic will also let you now clearly at what “level” you are. At level 2 you will even get an account manager that will help you grow your website’s earnings and traffic.

So Ezoic is the best place to start experimenting with options to AdSense:

Can your website outgrow Ezoic?

If you are in that position, then your website is worth some good money on the open market, and you should be approached regularly by companies interested in partnering with you on a monthly level already.

So that would be a luxury problem. But even at that level Ezoic should continue to do well for publishers. But depending on your niche or category, there might be opportunities to negotiate even better deals with directly with companies then, or you could try to experiment with the two online ad companies that also specialize in higher traffic ads, which are AdThrive and Mediavine.

These two companies focuses mostly on USA, Canada, UK, and sometimes a few other large markets/countries, while downplaying other markets/countries though, so the success with their programs will also depend on your visitors geographic location.