GoPro Hero7 Black (and Silver or White) Release September 30

The even better new GoPro Hero7 Black release date is now September 30 after this new action camera, or frankly allround adventure capture greatness of a wide angle camera, started taking preorders this week from $199:

The cheapest version of the new GoPro Hero7 is the GoPro Hero7 White for $199 but that GoPro only captures Full HD video at 60fps. The second best GoPro Hero7 is the GoPro Hero7 Silver that records 4K video at 30 fps and shoots 10MP photos too.

But the best model is the GoPro Hero7 Black since it records super smooth 4K video at 60 fps which is even recorded with optical image stabilization too, making the videos so beautiful and smooth it is like GoPro reinvented itself.

GoPro Hero7 Black Release Date

GoPro Hero7 Black Release September 30

4K video is great in itself, but closer up to objects, I’ve always found moving the camera around at 30 fps to make videos stutter. But that’s solved already at 45 fps, so at 60 fps, all 4K videos will be amazing.

Now that the price isn’t too harsh for a GoPro camera any longer this will definitely It will no doubt take it to the top of a lot of people’s Christmas wish list for 2018.

GoPro Hero7 Black Release September 30

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