Jensen Buddy Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Test

Jensen Buddy is a waterproof Bluetooth speaker developed by Jensen Scandinavia, and it produces a sound that’s surprisingly good compared to other Bluetooth speakers in this category.

I used to steer away from Jensen technologies since they produced so many faulty Internet modems in the old days. But Jensen Scandinavia have certainly manufactured a great device here with the Jensen Buddy.

This is an easy Bluetooth speaker to pair. You simply hold the power button down to activate the Bluetooth. A LED on the bottom right front of the speaker will then flash blue when it’s in pairing mode, before briefly turning to blue when it’s connected. The same LED will turn white when battery is low, and turn red when it’s charging. It’s compatible with the Bluetooth 4.0 (class II), and has a wireless range of 10 meters.

Jensen Buddy

Jensen Buddy

As you can see, there are four buttons on top of the Jensen Buddy, which makes it very easy to use. You have the on/off power button on the far right, two volume rockers, and a play/pause button.

To skip songs, or forward, or anything else, you’ll use the buttons in the media player on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or even smartwatch these days, to control it.

There are three speakers inside Jensen Buddy, basically one for bass and two for treble. The dust and waterproof Bluetooth speaker is then covered by a fine metal mash grill both in the front and on the back, while the rest of the speaker is covered by a thick silicon rubber that not only keeps it sturdy and protected, but also creates friction so that it can be placed on many surfaces without falling off. So the design is actually quite clever that way.

The sound quality of this Bluetooth speaker is its greatest property, since the battery capacity is not the highest, at 12 hours. This is a 5 watt stereo Bluetooth speaker, so the actual volume output isn’t the highest, but should still be more than enough. The frequency ranges from 80 Hz to 20kHz, and there is no distortion at full volume, and the sound quality surpasses that of the usually most popular Bluetooth speaker – Jawbone Jambox.

The dust proof and waterproof Bluetooth speaker Jensen Buddy can be used in the rain, and with an IP57 rating, it can be immersed in depths of 1 meter of water for 5 minutes. Pink is just one of four color options for this mobile speaker though, as you can also get it in white, black, or blue.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Jensen Buddy

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Jensen Buddy

An additional version will be added to the range in 2014, where the hardware will remain the same, which is a good thing, but it will get a different design, and also come with the color option of yellow. That version will be called Buddy Sport.

The only problem with both of these products are their availability in the US. Despite the general availability of Jensen gadgets otherwise in the US, these two speakers are hard to find. What a shame!

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