JBL Charge 5 – The Highest Rated Bluetooth Speaker Of 2023

With the launch of the newest generation JBL Charge 5, customer satisfaction has gone through the roof:

This original 1st gen wireless and chargable Bluetooth speaker started out well, but customers wanted more for each generation.

And now it seems that JBL has really figured out the perfect recipe. A class leading 20 hour battery life, IP67 dust and waterproofing, a powerful 40W output for full sound even outdoors, a 60 Hz – 20k Hz response range on music, and much improved speakers and dual bass elements has pushed the JBL Charge 5 the top of the list of the best portable Bluetooth speakers of 2023.

JBL Charge

The first original JBL Charge, now replacced by the new JBL Charge 5

I like the new design better too since the physical buttons are better protected, it weighs less, and even ships with a very clever hardshell travel case that also has room for cables. This is probably as close to perfection as we can get on a portable Bluetooth speaker.

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