TIMEX Ironman R300 GPS Smartwatch Release March 25

The low-cost TIMEX Ironman R300 GPS Smartwatch will be release already on March 25, for just $119:

That makes the Timex Ironman R300 GPS (TW5M37600IQ) the cheapest smartwatch with GPS and even optical heart rate monitor from a reputable watch brand.

It’s a little interesting too that Timex is launching their cheap GPS watch under the legendary Ironman brand, which has now been with us for decades, and been used by top athletes for just as long. The Timex Ironman watches has featured in many movies too, from A Better Way To Die to even Home Alone.

Timex has done a good job here by making this smartwatch practical. Just look at the attention to details for the side buttons, the long battery life, and the smartphone and tablet app has a intuitive user interface too.

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